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FLOWERS : A symbol of WORLD PEACE CULTURE. LIFE ON EARTH IS INTRICATELY ENTER DEPENDENT FOUR INTERNATIONAL HANDICRAFT PATENTS GRANTED (JAPAN, GERMANY, USA & SINGAPORE) NATIONAL AWARD 2005, ORGANIC CERTIFED PRODUCER. FLORAL BOTANICAL COLLAGE DECOUPAGE as INNOVATIVE HANDICRAFT TECHNOLOGY based on Organic Agriculture Natural resources to prior art Pressed flower craft (OSIBANA)to Entire World, Concerning Global warming and Green Economy .Undeleted natural resources collected from cultivation, botanical excursion & field trips( Raw materials not bought from market) Hand plucked flowers naturally dried combined with leaves weeds grasses indigenous natural resources crafted on natural media, results economically ,socially ,ecologically sustainability reducing carbon footprint & pollution. Hand plucked flowers, naturally dried pasted with needle on any natural media, cerate’s a work that speak a unique language of flower. An INNOVATIVE Internationally Patented Organic Floral Craft FOR TRANSFORMATION OF Rural women & SOCIETY. Creating world class floral craft based on Natural resources. Renewable Green Energy &Green Rural Infrastructure .CRAFT IS ALWAYS FOCUSED AND DIVERSIFIED ACCORDING TO EACH COUNTRY IN INTERNATIONAL MARKETING TAKING INTO CONSIDERATION OF THEIR TRADITION/ CULTURE/ MOTTIF DESIGNS/ FESTIVALS/ OCCASSIONS/ COLOUR,ETC. Local vegetation of one geographical area resourced and designed for that local community itself & outsourcing avoided. Entire vegetation explored converted into Raw material creating new market segments. Continuous New product creation of utmost importance, as product design change with season. Natural Beauty, Culture, Spirituality incorporated as Selling preposition for NICHE ECO CRAFTS. A GLOBAL EARTH HEALING evoking an individual’s responsibility towards its basic duty of heritage preservation and environmental concern. Softening feelings and helping in living more human with creative marvelous regenerative holistic powers. WALL HANGING, FLORAL STATIONARY, GIFT BOXES, PAPERBAGS, LEAF SKELETON, CHRISTMASS DÉCOR, PATCHE, CARDS, TAGS, DIY, PACKAGING &CUSTOMIRISED PRODUCTS. HAND EMBROIDRED TEXTILES BASED ON DESIGNS DERIVED FROM THE FLORAL CRAFTS.TRIBAL METAL HANDICRAFTS DHOKRA FROM BASTER. GRANTED PATENTS BY GERMANY, USA, JAPAN AND SINGAPORE

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Resource out the best possible result for the above said event by connecting and networking with different organizations and people who are associated with floricuture value additional products, Handicrafts, Intellectual property/Patents, Art Cultural and Industry/Commerce & technology transfer .We are also open to workshop/ exhibit with art community and children also . Rehabilitation to handicaps and imprison mates. Holistic soothing effect, equilibrium neutralizing their mental emotional built up. Further it would also facilitate innovation globally to reach international platform and motivate more people coming with the innovation in the state and in the Country. WE NEED TO LICENCE/ PARTNERSHIP /COMMERSIALIZATION OR TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER THEM IN COUNTRIES OF CONCERN. looking forward to you regarding Commercial services:  Commercializing the patented invention directly;  Selling the patent to someone else;  Licensing the patent to others;  Establishing a joint venture or other strategic alliance with others having complementary assets Also we are open to sale of these eco products in your country and looking for marketing partners .