Upper Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship and Development Ltd. (GAPR) as a coordinator of National Key Cluster MedSilesia kindly invites You to participate in MedicaSilesia Meetings 2018 – those meetings are part of key business and science event in region 3rd Festival of Innovations and Technology.
Festival takes place on 14-15 of September in Business and Education Centre “New Gliwice” in city of Gliwice, Poland.

Broker meetings are designed for entrepreneurs, investors, clusters representatives, companies, commerce chambers, science sector, self-government. Keynote topic is medical industry and all branches connected with medical technologies.

Participation in meeting is free of charge, because it is co-funded by Silesian Self-government as a part of public task “Medicine - Intelligent Specialization – Export Potential of The Silesia Region, Key technologies of a Future – Third International Meetings of Medical Clusters – MedicaSilesia Meeting 2018".

Aim of the meeting is promotion of innovative firms and institutions working in medical area and creation of long term cooperation between SME’s, R&D entities and local government to enhance economic potential of Silesian Voivodeship.

During event there are also:
  • conference with expert panels about topics regarding medical robots and artificial intelligence in medicine,
  • exhibition stand “Together for innovative medicine”,
  • “Business Mixer” – “Seven deadly sins that You commit in start-ups” + pitch contest sessions.

Moreover, we invite You to participate in following events organized within The Enterprise Europe Network (Experts nests).

Free consultations with experts in intellectual property rights, CE marking, commercialisation of research and technology results of enterprises and R&D units.


Registration and submission of organization´s profile till 13.09.2018
Online selection of face-to-face meetings till 13.09.2018
Face to face meetings 14.09.2018 (11:00 - 18:00)
Duration of meeting: 20 min.


The organizers provide all technical support related to the registration for matchmaking meetings, schedule of meetings during the meetings and obtaining additional business information after the meetings.

MedicaSilesia Meeting 2018 MedicaSilesia Meeting 2018


Why to join matchmaking event:
  • to acquire new business partners,
  • to exchange of experience,
  • to get acquainted with the latest trends in the field of research and development,
  • to learn more about new, growing markets,
  • to have an opportunity to present and discuss ideas for new, international projects.

We cordially invite you to participate in pre-arranged MATCHMAKING EVENT!


It takes 3 easy steps:
  1. Register to B2B session at this website – in right side MENU – and create your own profile, so others know what you are looking for (You will receive verification email).
  2. Select the meetings that you are interested in and accept incoming bookings.
  3. Shortly before the event you will receive a personalized meeting schedule.


Centrum Edukacji i Biznesu „Nowe Gliwice” w Gliwicach
Budynek nr 4, Maszynownia (map)
ul. Bojkowska 37, 44-100 Gliwice


MedicaSilesia Meeting 2018


MedicaSilesia Meeting 2018 MedicaSilesia Meeting 2018 MedicaSilesia Meeting 2018 MedicaSilesia Meeting 2018
MedicaSilesia Meeting 2018

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