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Matching has never been so easy!

Bilateral Meetings Software supports companies associating and bilateral meetings initiating. This web application is an excellent tool for organizing, accelerating and ordering of business matching process. This all can be done as simple as it possible.

It is helpful tool for participants and organizers!

Bilateral meetings software allows:

  1. Register company profile
  2. Select company and reserve time to bilateral meeting
  3. Meet selected company in chosen time

b2bHARMO is a great tool for organizing and ordering process of matching companies. First, in an orderly way, system collects informations about companies participating in organized event. Next, allows participants to view informations about all companies which want to make new contacts and appointments.

At this time, b2bHARMO software automatically sends a requests to the invited companies to confirm the meetings. Acceptance is confirmed by email containing information about the time and place of the meeting sent to both participants. Advanced sorting system allows to browse by selected parameters.


Advantages for organizers:

Advantages for companies participating in business meetings:

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